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Organic Whey ISOLATE- Neutral
Organic Whey ISOLATE- NeutralAlpenPower Bio Whey Isolat

Organic Whey ISOLATE- Neutral

 premium high quality organic whey protein isolate
 without artificial additives, sweeteners or flavors
 ideal for fitness training, endurance sport and regeneration
 high proportion of essential amino acids

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Organic Whey ISOLATE- Neutral

Organic Whey Protein Isolate from grazing cows
100% pure vegetable feeding.
Organic milk from Bavaria and Austria.

Organic Whey ISOLATE- Neutral

Free of artificial additives
Without sweeteners, dyses, flavors or
stabilizers. Natural ingredients and nothing else!

Organic Whey ISOLATE- Neutral

Gentle processing
All nutrients and vitamins are preserved.

Organic Whey ISOLATE- Neutral

Ecological and sustainable
All raw materials from certified organic agriculture.

Organic Whey ISOLATE- Neutral

100% natural
Free of genetically modified raw materials.

Natural. Highest Quality. The revolution in sports nutrition!

AlpenPower® Bio Whey Isolate has a very high protein content of 87% with a low fat content of only 0.3%. Our Whey isolate is therefore particularly pure and will be absorbed even faster from the body than the Whey concentrate. Highest standards in the production and selection of raw materials guarantee us to be able to offer a bio-certified protein of the highest quality. Specially designed for demanding athletes, it helps you achieve your goals.

ideal for fitness training and endurance sport as well as regeneration
high proportion of essential amino acids
 ecological and sustainable
 valuable nutrients and natural taste through organic vanilla pods

100% finest organic ingredients


Whey Protein
The highest quality of all proteins

Organic Whey ISOLATE- Neutral

Organic milk from the Alps

The milk for our whey protein comes exclusively from certified organic farmers from Bavaria and Austria who keep their cows on species-appropriate large pastures. The cows eat grass and hay, and the addition of growth hormones and antibiotics is strictly avoided. Thus, we can guarantee that our whey protein is free of any residues. With certified organic products, we encourage animal welfare and sustainable agriculture.

More power with Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the most effective proteins for athletes. It is mainly known for its high biological value, its high content of essential amino acids and its rapid absorption. It is particularly suitable for muscle building and maintenance, but can also be used for dieting and muscle definition. Even in endurance sports a sufficient intake of protein makes sense. The metabolism is boosted and thus supports the fat burning as soon as the carbohydrate stores are empty. Thus, the muscle proteins are spared and counteracted a muscle breakdown.

Organic Whey ISOLATE- Neutral

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