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Florian Lienhart- Triathlon

I was looking for the right protein powder for a long time – finally I found AlpenPower! I am very critical of conventional protein products and avoid additives such as colorings, preservatives, sugar, etc. Healthy nutrition is very important to me, so AlpenPower’s organic protein powder is perfect for me, available in many different flavors – this one are just supernatural.


  • 1. Place [total] Crosstriathlon state championships, Berndorf near Salzburg, 2017
  • 1. Place[total] Trofaiach Triathlon, Styria, 2017
  • 1. Place with the 4er team [total] 24h Ultraradchallenge, Kahndorf near Hartberg, 2017
  • 1. Place [total] Crosstriathlon Weissensee, Weissensee Carinthia, 2017
  • 8. Place [total] Triathlon state championship, Piberstein Styria, 2017
  • 8. Place [age group] Ironman 70,3  WM, Australia, 2016
  • 3. Place [age group] Ironman 70,3, St.Pölten, 2016
  • and many more….
Florian Lienhart

Oliver Kolb- Nutritionist & fitness coach

When I am training I always give 100% and more! Why not with the nutrition? Only then was it possible to lose 30kg and became Mr. Strongarm of Men’s Health. The quality of food plays a vital role in a healthy life. That’s why I do not compromise on protein powder either. Alpenpower offers what I value. For me Alpenpower stands for uncompromising, best possible quality!


  • from a 109 kg fast food junkie to a trained 78 kg fitnesss junkie
  • Men’s Health Mr. Strong Arm 2015
Oliver Kolb

Julia Skala- Triathlon, running & steeplechase

To get the most out of my daily workouts and to help my body recover I prefer a healthy and balanced diet. For me, this includes a shake with protein powder, after a hard training session or a competition. It is very important to me that it is free of artificial additives and the ingredients are of the best ecological origin. And this is exactly what I have found at AlpenPower! I am so convinced of both the natural taste and the quality that I use the protein powder from AlpenPower also in the preparation of my breakfast or baking.


  • 1. Place Würzburg half-marathon, 2016
  • 1. Place Schweinfurt MainCityRun, 2017
  • 1. Place 10 km Fränkische Schweiz, 2017
  • 2. Place Triathlon Neustadt a.d.A, 2017
  • 3. Place Sprint Triathlon Hof
  • 3. Place GettingTough- The Race 
  • and many more…..
Julia Skala

Herbert Schmidt- Fitness coach

Over the years, I have become very critical of dietary supplements and so I have very high demands on the quality of these. For a long time I have been searching for products like Whey and Casein protein powders from Austria, because I really appreciate the high product quality in Austria. In addition to a species-specific, sport-specific diet, I also recommend AlpenPower products to my customers. For the best possible individual performance and a healthy body, whether professional or amateur athletes, a sufficient supply of high-quality proteins is a very important piece of the puzzle!


  • former Austrian champion in police-pentathlon 2004
  • Trainer and lecturer in the field of overload damage and injury prophylaxis in sports clubs and companies

Supervised athletes of mine

  • Christian MAGG, professional tennis player (highest ranking ATP 482.)
  • Johannes AGER, professional tennis player (highest ranking ATP 266.)
  • Gabriel SCHMIDT, professional tennis player (Salzburg’s  national champion, highest ranking  ATP 1100.)
  • Ekaterina TKACHENKO, Russian ski national team, world cup starter
  • and many more…

Christoph Arnoldner- Eishockey

Ice hockey is the fastest team sport in the world. In order to perform well as a player, especially the physical fitness is crucial. In addition to training on the ice, also strength and endurance training play a major role. Already in the summer we prepare for the upcoming season with intensive workouts. In addition to training, a high-protein, healthy diet is crucial in order to be able to specifically build muscle. Since I attach great importance to organic food, I have found with AlpenPower my perfect organic alternative in the field of sports nutrition.


  • Black Wings Linz- Youth team
  • Black Wings Linz 2- Oberliga
  • Puckjäger Traun- 1. Upper Austrian national league
  • Innviertel Penguins- 2. Upper Austrian national league
Christoph Arnoldner